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Wherever she went, including here,

it was against her better judgment.

Dorky Parker
26 December
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casually disrespecting my mentors, cavalier king charles spaniels, cultural studies, dairy bars, david ruffin, driving to other states, dublin dr pepper, fantasizing about possible occupations, g. deleuze, hank williams, historic route 7a, i. calvino, j. mcphee, ladling out haterade, long-form narrative nonfiction, looking out the window, luke the drifter, m. foucault, m. yourcenar, melted cheese, my name in print, n. baker, p. bourdieu, publix, quality comic books, r. m. rilke, revolutionary american culture, s. jackson, shotgun shacks, singing cowboys, t. adorno, the npr afropop show, the singing brakeman, the stanley brothers, the vt bottle deposit, tiny british shark teeth, w.g. sebald, walking around the block, wanda jackson, wearing the right shoes, well-behaved dogs